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GMO Cookies Shatter


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Genetics: Girl Scout Cookies x ChemDawg
Indica | Sativa: Indica dominant
Extract Type: BHO Shatter


Effects: Potent cerebral high and powerful body stone
Recreational: Afternoon / evening use, streaming, gaming
Medicinal: Chronic pain disorders, cramps, insomnia

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Strain Information

GMO Cookies Shatter comes from GMO Cookies, aka Garlic cookies, is a cross of Girl Scout Cookies and old school favourite, ChemDawg. The terpene profile is reminiscent of Girl Scout Cookies, exhibited by an earthy, lemon tinted dankness. Additionally, is clear that the spicy finish is connected to ChemDawg.

Effects and Use

This potent indica dominant hybrid is an awesome functional indica. It provides the tranquilizing, calm body effects of a classic indica strains. However, it does not offer the tired, laziness that normally comes with them. For recreational users, this is the perfect option for your after-work joint, blunt or bong hit. It will start your day fresh, giving that extra spark to launch into you time.

You can use GMO Cookies Shatter in a vape pen or dab rig, or sprinkle some on your bowls or joints.

First time using extracts?

If this is your first time using cannabis extracts, make sure to start slow. Doing a big dab your first time might make you green out, even if you’re accustomed to smoking joints. It’s the same thing with edibles. All of the different ingestion methods provide different experiences. Tolerance levels in one arena does not necessarily affect the others.

How are extracts different from flower?

Dabbing extracts (also called concentrates) provides increased cerebral effects. Colours brighten, time warps and senses heighten. You may notice new sounds, smells or textures. If you are prone to anxiety, make sure to start slow, and use indica, not sativa. Higher concentrations of THC found in extracts will elevate the experience.

Medicinal and recreational users normally use extracts for the same reason. That reason is a more potent experience. To put it in perspective, shatter usually tests around 65-80% THC. The strongest flower (dried bud) available reach up to 30% THC. Using shatter with a vaping apparatus can help increase dosage for a medicinal patient. At the same time, you’re vaping, and not inhaling smoke. This makes dabbing a healthier option than smoking joints. For medicinal patients, this strain may be helpful in treating some symptoms of chronic pain, stress disorders, arthritis, headaches and migraines, and insomnia.


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